This page outlines information for those serving as references for faculty positions. This information does not apply to staff positions.

  • How do I submit a letter of reference?

    When a person submits an application for a faculty position at Hampshire College, we will send you clear and concise instructions how to submit a letter of reference via this website. We prefer that you do not submit letters via email.

  • I didn't receive email from your system.

    Note that we only send instructions to a reference when a complete application is submitted for consideration. While many searches solicit all reference letters as soon as an applicant submits an application, some search committees may choose to solicit reference letters only after they have identified a short list of 10-20 candidates meeting their criteria.

  • I lost/can't find email from your system.

    We automatically send references email once per week for three weeks. If we still have not received a reference letter after three attempts, we notify the applicant.

  • Can you resend email to a reference?

    Applicants: For any reference letter we have not received, the applicant can request that email is resent. The applicant can do this themselves directly on their application by logging in, accessing your application and clicking "request my reference letters again".

    References: Those serving as references may enter their email address below. We will search our database for any missing letters of reference and send you email indicating what reference letters you need to submit, if any.

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